The Feud – Running Up That Hill

I’ve recently got into a band call The Feud who have managed to fill the void left in my musical spectrum by the now defunct Does It Offend You, Yeah? Hailing from the Lake District but now adopted by Manchester they have been picked up by BBC Introducing and have been playing the festival circuit over the summer. Defiantly in the category of “one to watch”.

They have recently put out a cheeky little cover of the classic Kate Bush song Running Up That Hill. (Possibly inspired by the Olympics closing ceremony lads??) A great indie/dance crossover take on the original that keeps true to the melody whilst beefing up the groove!

Hearing a Kate Bush cover reminded me of one of my favorite cover’s, The Futureheads version of the The Hounds of Love.

Which got me thinking I know nothing about Kate Bush other than she was a little bit bonkers so maybe I should check out some actual Kate Bush stuff, so my starting point was the original versions of the above, and guess what – awesome stuff, pop music as it should be, innovative, quirky and original so I’m now off to raid my mum’s CD collection!!!

In the meantime check out the original version of Running Up That Hill

Also worth checking out is the Placebo version of the above.

And also check out more Feud stuff here


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