September Playlist

Here’s the tunes I’ve been listening to over the past month.

Born Blonde – I Just Wanna Be

You can’t help but get caught up in the melody of this epic space-rock anthem. A sound that reminds you of the Verve at their experimental best.

California Wives – Purple

Bizarrely not from California but Chicago! A definite British indie sound to this track which is not surprising when they state their influences as New Order and the Stone Roses.

Nine Black Alps – Living In A Dream

The Alps are back!! New single from the Manchester boys, sounding as raw as ever. If you like you gigs sweaty and loud catch them on tour in October.

The Chevin – Champion

This Leeds four-piece are described as post-punk, what the hell does that mean?? They were formed after 1976? Anyway this is great track with a big rousing chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place on Hot Fuss.

Syron – Breaking

According to those in the know Syron is  “one of the coolest new female talents”, that maybe but above all this is a cracking little House track in my ears. Reminds me of a great mid-90’s house track with a cool laid back groove, deep bass line and sweet vocal.

The D.O.T – Goes Off

Rob Harvey frontman of one of my favourite ever bands The Music and Mike Skinner the genius behind the Streets have come together to form the D.O.T. after retiring the respective bands. This track does exactly what it says on the tin – Goes Off!!!! Look out for the album coming soon.

Dirty North – Take Me Away

Caught these guys at Heaton Park supporting the mighty Stone Roses on Reni’s request. described as Wythenshawe Dub mixing a blend of dub and reggae with some razor sharp lyrics. If the Fun Lovin’ Criminals came from Manchester this is what they would sound like.

Propagandhi – Duplicate Keys Icaro

This track is on the very edge of my rock limit – not for the faint hearted, so be warned. These guys are a Canadian (don’t ever call them American!) punk band who have been around since 1986, but I’ve only just recently come across them. Some serious riffage here!

White Arrows – Get Gone (Good Night Keaton Remix)

At the very opposite end of the spectrum to the last track we have this little beauty. Don’t know anything about the band, but that doesn’t matter as it’s all about the remix baby. This is one of those tracks you hear at about 1 am and head straight for the dance floor to get your groove on. You can’t beat a bit of sax in a dance tune either!

The Men – Open Your Heart

Ok I know this is a complete rip-off of the Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love but it’s still a great track. You’ve gotta love the rawness about this and the vocal may not be best but that’s what makes you believe in it.


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