Rare and the Rest Pt. 1

First part in my occasional spotlight on those bands and tracks that slipped under the radar.

Dark Star (1998-2001)

Formed in 1998 from the ashes of early 90’s psychedelic band Levitation, Dark Star first came to my attention on Later with Jools Holland in 1999 with a truly jaw-dropping performance of power and intensity, I’d never seen anything like it on Jools.

Sounding somewhere between the atmosphere of Joy Division and the force of Nirvana, taking manic drums and howling effects laden guitars right to the edge before pulling it back to a dark breakdown – nice!

They achieved critical acclaim with their debut album Twenty Twenty Sound but had little commercial success. A couple of singles briefly troubled the charts in 2000.

Their live performances were, apparently, something to behold, I sadly never caught them live and in the age before camera phones very little footage exists!

They had a second album recorded but split up before it was released in 2001 with no reason given. This album has subsequently turned up on various bootlegs and is now up on Soundcloud. EMI, who they were signed to, have never released it.

Anyway, here is the reason I love them, their Later performance from 1999, enjoy!

Let me know those artists you miss or bands that just slipped under the radar.


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