Reverend & The Makers – The Ritz, Manchester, 14/10/12

Is there a band more on form at the moment than Reverend & The Makers? I don’t think so! This gig confirming they are at the top of their game. The term “band of the people” is all too easily banded about, but in this case it fits perfectly, always accessible and never playing the fake music business game. Reverend & The Makers give the people what they want, great tunes to have a good time too, and the people of Manchester came out to show their love for this band and have a good time.

The atmosphere and anticipation was almost tangible, the expectant crowd waiting on the arrival of the band to light the fuse and go mental. And go mental they did, launching into Bassline the crowd put the Ritz famous sprung dance floor to the test from the off, John asked the crowd “are you with us?” the answer was a definite yes.

The set leaned heavily on the latest album, its funky beats fitting perfectly with the crowd and lyrics about subjects we call all relate to.  Tracks such as the Out Of The Shadows, The Wrestler and 1 + 0 sounding great along side classic tracks Miss Brown, Heavyweight Champion Of The World and The State Of Things. One thing that often gets overlooked with this band is just how tight they are musically, this gig was no different, the band sounded great giving John the perfect soundtrack to deliver his words of wisdom.

A mid-set change of pace gave the crowd a chance to catch their breath and sway to the ballad of Sex With The Ex, there were even a few lighters being waved. The pace was then cranked up again to take us through to traditional set closer Silence Is Talking.

John was on form in-between songs, challenging people to a game of FIFA and not to act like Emo kids, often with a front man you get the pre-prepared banter that just sounds false, with John you know he means it. However he was over-shadowed at one point by the guy who proposed to his now wife to be!

As the kids made their way out of the Ritz chanting the trumpet section from Silence is Taking those who’ve seen Reverend & The Makers before knew it wasn’t quite over yet. The encore is always held outside with John and his guitar busking for the crowd. It didn’t take long to spot where he was by the huge crowd gathered in the tunnel opposite the Ritz totally roadblocking it! I’m not sure what the guy in his car trying to get past thought of 500 people in the road chanting for The Reverend! It was great to see Ryan and Ed both happily posing for photos and chatting with fans outside long after the gig had finished.

Surely the time has come for Reverend & The Makers to get the recognition they deserve, a 1000+ Mancs certainly thought so!


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