City Reign – Ahead Of Ideas

I’ve recently been put on to a great up and coming band based in Manchester, City Reign, who are set to release their debut single ‘Ahead Of Ideas’ on the 5th November.

The band cite The National as their biggest influence and describe their sound as “four guys locked up in a dark practice room trying to make something that excites them.”


‘Ahead of Ideas’ starts off all brooding and melancholy leading into a rousing chorus, using the classic soft/heavy guitar contrast that works so well, the string section adding to the haunting atmosphere of the song.

The band have been recording with Manchester based producer Sam Jones at Sacred Trinity Church in Salford and this setting seems to fit with the sound creating a natural reverb and adding depth to the sound.

City Reign’s vocalist and guitarist, Chris Bull, said: “I think we’re taking a risk with this single, it’s one of the most ambitious tracks we’ve recorded. “The church was a great venue to record in and we have Sam to thank for that. We’re really happy with the rich and atmospheric sound we achieved on the album.”

The album, ‘Another Step’, is due for release in early 2013 and the band are hitting the road in November, including shows in Paris and Amsterdam, ending with a gig at The Castle in Manchester on the 24th November.

Check out the video for ‘Ahead Of Ideas’ below.

Further Info:


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