Introducing….. The Bedroom Hour

Twitter is a great forum for bands to get their message across, it’s pretty simple really the band randomly follow people, who, are then interested in who’s following them and go to check out the said bands music.  In effect it makes every twitter account into a mini A&R man, but here’s the catch – the music has to be good! When it is good people will share it and so the word spreads and before you know it you have a following, all this without the need for an expensive media campaign!

One such band that falls into this category are The Bedroom Hour, who, followed me, I checked them out and the music was good, very good in fact, so good I included one of their tracks in my October playlist – not saying much I know on my humble blog but recognition none the less! And now I’m writing a little post about them which will hopefully encourage a few of you to check them out as well and spread the word.

The Bedroom Hour are a 5 piece from London who create a dark, moody tone with haunting guitar and synths and in lead singer Stuart Drummond have well delivered powerful vocals.

The band are really accessible and happy to chat so rather than me waffle on I’ll let the band do the talking:

Give us a brief history of how The Bedroom Hour came to be?
The Bedroom Hour were formed from two different bands who regularly gigged together a few years ago. As these bands came to a natural end key members from each band decided to join forces and The Bedroom Hour was created!
How would you describe your sound?
We tend not to class ourselves as indie or rock but more a dynamic and melodic guitar/synth band.
What would be your dream gig line-up? It goes without saying The Bedroom Hour would be on the bill!
A dream line up would be a mix of our influences so The Stone Roses to open up with Death Cab For Cutie, The Doves followed by The Beatles and maybe Pink Floyd to finish!
Listening to your material I get the impression you want to make music that matters, what’s your take on the current music scene, and where do you see yourselves in it?
We first and foremost wanna make credible music that matters, concentrating on the song and lyrics above all else! There is a lot of great unsigned bands out there but doesn’t seem to be any big names coming through, we hope to change that!
Doing some research on The Bedroom Hour it’s clear here’s a lot of love out there for the band, you must appreciate the support?
We appreciate all the support we get, always listen to our fans and do our best to speak to everyone via social media and in person at our gigs.
And finally what are the bands football loyalties?

Each band member supports a different team! We’ve got Arsenal and Tottenham (that causes problems!) Crystal Palace, West Ham and our singer supports a Scottish team, who I can’t remember, as he has Scottish roots!

The band are currently working on an EP which should be released before Christmas.

Get on these guys before they go big, and you can smugly say “I was into them before everybody else!”

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