November Playlist

The dark nights are here, its time to get all cosy and warm, make yourslef a brew and settle down to listen to my November playlist. It’s been especially tough narrowing down all the great music I’ve heard this month but I’ve managed to do it. There’s something for everybody this month, a bit of indie a slice of funk a trip to psychedelica and even some classic rock – music lovers enjoy!

Grizzly Bear – Yet Again

This Brooklyn indie band have been around for 10 years but have only just appeared on my radar, one of the very few highlights in a pretty awful series of Later… with Jools Holland. They may have a terrible name but produce a great sound and have a nack of sounding very British. This track is the performance on Jools and is taken from their latest album Sheilds. (Video has changed as the Jools performance has now been removed from the BBC iPlayer!)

GRIZZLY BEAR – YET AGAIN from Emily Kai Bock on Vimeo.

The Jessie Rose Trip – Talk To Me

Manchester trio fronted by Jessie Rose, they seem to have been bubbling under the surface for a while now in Manchester. This track has just recently surfaced on Soundcloud and its a cracker! Brilliantly showcasing Jessie’s poweful soulful vocals combined with a nice little blues guitar.

Formes – Absence Of The Noise

This track is a beautiful peice of psychedelia, a wonderful song structure that centres around a hypnotic guitar riff, building towards a manic crescendo. Absence Of The Noise is the Leeds based band’s debut single and will be available from the 5th December, a special mention for the video as well which is seriously trippy!

Russian Gun Dogs – Attack!

This track bristles with swagger and attitude right from the opening sleazy blast of guitar, full of energy with a rhythm that gets your feet moving combined with a dark well delivered vocal. In both sound and vocal they remind me of early The Music, with the right support I reckon these guys could go places next year.

Mits – Fighter

Ok it’s time to take things a little bit funky now. This track is by London based singer/songwriter Mits and mixes modern R&B with old school funk and soul to create a Brand New Heavies style party!

DJ Yoda feat. Scroobius Pip – Sega RIP

Not going to make any apologies for featuring Scroobius Pip again this month, this time the lyical genius works his magic with the legeandary DJ Yoda and asks the question “What happend to Sega?” People of a certain age will relate to this and fondly remember the games in the video,  I’m gonna get me some gold coins, yeah!

Giant Star – Bright Lights, Big City

Another Manchester outfit that follow in the long line of great electroinc bands from New Order to The Whip. I have to credit the great Indie Dunes for this find and I’m only slighly embarassed that an Australian/Abu Dhabi blog had to put me on to a band 5 miles down the road from me! This track is a classic slice of electroica with a driving bass line and swirling synth.

Broken Romeo – Mark Of Cain

Time to cross over the pond now and head to the US for a piece of good old fashioned rock. There aren’t too many bands around that are making rock in the classic sense but one band bucking that trend are Broken Romeo with this gem. Serious riff – check, sing-a-long chours – check, face melting solo – check!

Delphic – Good Life (Lone Remix)

I had to include a Delphic track after their triumphant return to Manchester a few weeks ago. This is the Lone remix of the summer single Good Life and gives a harder edge to the track whilst creating an old school rave vibe!

2:54 – Killer

Time to chill things out a little for the last track with 2:54, two sisters from Bristol who have recently been on tour in the US supporting the XX and you can definitely hear the XX in their sound. This version of the early 90’s classic Adamski/Seal dance track see’s each part stripped down with guitar replacing the tradmark synth stabs, the bass deep and brooding and the vocal haunting and moving.


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