The Bedroom Hour – Live Lounge, Blackburn 17/11/12

Up and coming London 5 piece The Bedroom Hour made their northern debut in Blackburn on a typically wet and cold Lancashire night, fortunately the music was far from wet and cold!

Things didn’t get off to a great start as we got to the venue only to find the doors locked and nobody there! Over the road to the pub then to find out what was going on, after a couple of hasty tweets we got conformation the gig was on – happy days!

I’m not going to give you a background on the band, if you want you can read my introducing piece instead and I’ll get on with the job in hand – telling you about the gig!

This was my first visit to the Live Lounge in Blackburn, gigs usually take me south of Bolton rather than north but it’s always good to check out somewhere different. The venue has been around since 2009 and it’s a cracking little place, a nice stage set up and a good sound sytem, just the sort of thing Bolton needs!

First up were Burnley band Heat vs Light who have a similar style to The Bedroom Hour, creating melodic and atmospheric music, layering and building their sound, the trumpet was an interesting addition that strangely worked! I’ll have to check these guys out.

After being nicely warmed up by Heat vs Light it was time for The Bedroom Hour, I’ve only recently got onto this band and this was my first time seeing them live, I was hoping they would be as good live as they sound on record, I wasn’t to be disappointed!

Shadowboxer kicked things off with its head-nodding drum beat, chiming guitar and soaring synths. There may not have been a massive crowd but those that were there made their way down to the stage enthusiastically taking in the music. Nocturnal gave the opportunity to showcase lead singer Stuart Drummond’s voice, I don’t like to make comparisons but Guy Garvey-esk vocals come to mind. The guitar on this track goes in a country music direction, but think more Joshua Tree U2 than Billy Ray Cyrus!!

Next up was X Marks The Spot, this is the track that I first heard and got me straight away and it sounds just as good live, I can imagine this track working well on a film soundtrack creating a dark and moody atmosphere, still my favorite Bedroom Hour track! Heart Will Haunt is another track that has a great vocal with a rousing chorus before going all melancholy in the verse.

The final two songs where tracks I hadn’t heard before Slow Motion Cinema, which I really enjoyed as I made a note of it on my phone, and Envy bringing the set to a close. I’d dragged two mates along with me who hadn’t heard the band before but know a thing or two about music and they gave me two good quotes “they sounded bigger than the venue” and “really tight and well oiled”.

After first hearing the band’s material on Soundcloud I was pretty sure this band would go places and after seeing them live I’m sure they will, 2013 should be a good year for them, so get out there go and see them live and spread the word!!

More Photos

Set List:

1. Shadow Boxer

2. Tyrannosaur

3. Nocturnal

4. X Marks The Spot

5. No Keys

6. Heart Will Haunt

7. Slow Motion Cinema

8. Envy


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