10 Years At The Dog – Dog & Partridge, Bolton 24/11/12

Not strictly a gig review as such as I wasn’t intending on posting about this, I was planning on having a night off from blog duties and just enjoying the night but I had to write about two bands I saw!!

The night was in celebration of Terry & Neil’s 10 years at the helm of Bolton’s only place where you can hear live alternative music – The Dog & Partridge in Bolton. The night featured 8 bands – Northern SoulsSome Bird, Our Fold (acoustic), Neuron NoTotal Victory, Paper TownThe Kiss OffDuckworthDon Blake. All the bands were great and as fitting with The Dog covered an electic mix of styles from funk to soul, acoustic jams and folk to punk and new wave and a bit of rock opera thrown in!

The two bands I want to mention are Our Fold and Total Victory, who stood out on what was a great celebration of Bolton music.

Our Fold are a band that I’d been hearing good things about for some time before I first caught them in the summer, at the same venue as tonight’s gig. On that night they played outside and gave a great performance despite the rather soggy conditions! Following that I went away and checked out some more and was impressed with what I heard – well crafted indie music.

Tonight’s performance was an acoustic style set rather than the full electric set I saw previously, with the band stripping down the songs and performing in a laid back relaxed way with plenty of crowd interaction and banter, think along the lines of a mini MTV Unplugged session. What stood out for me was how tight and well honed the whole band are, from seeing them fully live and listening to tracks since it’s clear the songs are well thought out and structured which then lends itself to sounding really good stripped back.

Speaking with lead vocalist and guitar player Damien after the gig he described their sound as having the energy or Nirvana with the melody of James, a pretty interesting combination and sums up Our Fold very nicely! Tonight was more James than Nirvana, they even manged to sneak in a bit of James – Sometimes at the end of the set which went down really well. Looking forward to catching these guys again next year.

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Total Victory are a new band to me, tonight being the first time I’ve seen them and from their opening song I knew I was going to like them. You tend to know straight away if a band have got something about them and Total Victory definitely have something about them. a charismatic lead singer who you can’t take your eyes off with his crazy dancing and walk outs into the crowd and a sound that draws on dark melodic elements layering the sound to a white noise of energy.

I’d describe their sound as post punk, new wave indie drawing comparisons to Joy Division, Bloc Party and even a bit of LCD Soundsystem. The band have actual been around for a few years and have produced two albums which I’ve now downloaded and can highly recommend them!

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It just goes to show what you thought was going to be a nice relaxing night out can turn up some hidden gems! Another great night down at the Dog & Partridge, a place that supports and keeps alive local music, get down there sometime and you might just stumble upon something you like!


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