Unsigned & New Band 12 from 2012 Playlist

Rather than the usual playlist format of tunes I’ve been listening to over the month I’ve decided to put together a selection of my favourite tracks I’ve stumbled upon over the past year. In such a short space of time since setting up this blog I’ve been lucky enough to come across so much good music and wanted to share a few with you.

Whilst it seems that commercial music is at its lowest ebb with manufactured, short cut to success gone in an instant dross clogging up our radios and TVs there is an alternative. If you dig a bit deeper and are prepared to make an effort great music is out there with creative, innovative souls still prepared to push the boundaries and make music that means something and connects with you on a level like only music can.

These people, these bands need your support, so when you come across something you like, tell your friends, buy the music and get out to see them live because without your support they can’t survive and we are doomed to a future of Simon Cowell telling us what we want to hear!!

These are the 12 bands and people I’ve discovered in 2012 who are producing great music that deserves supporting, give them a listen and if you like what you hear give them your support. There’re plenty more artists out there struggling to get recognition making music that’s just waiting to be discovered so in 2013 get out there and find them!!

Tea Street Band – Disco Lights

These guys have been making big waves in Liverpool with their own brand of sunshine infused indie dance. Getting support from Clint Boon and John Kennedy and being played on Football Focus. It’s been a while since we had a good band from Liverpool, Tea Street Band could be the answer.

The Bedroom Hour – X Marks The Spot

This track from London 5 piece The Bedroom Hour sets a dark, moody tone with haunting guitar and a well delivered vocal.

Russian Gun Dogs – Attack!

This track bristles with swagger and attitude right from the opening sleazy blast of guitar, full of energy with a rhythm that gets your feet moving combined with a dark well delivered vocal. In both sound and vocal they remind me of early The Music, with the right support I reckon these guys could go places next year.

Danny Mahon – Punch Your Face In

This guy supported Reverend & The Makers at the Ritz a few months ago and I thought he was outstanding. One guy with his battered acoustic guitar had 1000+ people in the palm of his hand with his witty, sharp lyrics and banter.

Transition, Baby – Grit

A Manchester band that look across the pond to the US with the brand of indie rock.

The Autumnkind – Glasshouses

This is the 2nd track on The Autumnkind’s great EP Cartography. A sound that reminds me of John Squire’s often underrated band The Seahorses.

Total Victory – North Of Here

A band from my home town of Bolton that blew me away recently at a local gig with their unique brand of post punk indie. This track is a couple of years old now but still sounds fresh.

Giant Star – Bright Lights, Big City

Another Manchester outfit that follow in the long line of great electronic bands from New Order to The Whip. This track is a classic slice of electronica with a driving bass line and swirling synth.

Born Blonde – I Just Wanna Be

You can’t help but get caught up in the melody of this epic space-rock anthem. A sound that reminds you of the Verve at their experimental best.

Our Fold – Decension

Another band from Bolton who I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a few times now and have never disappointed. They described their sound as the energy of Nirvana with the melody of James and I can’t argue with that.

I Dream In Colour – Long Cold Lonely Winter

A band creating big anthemic songs with catchy sing-a-long choruses, I can imagine listening to this on a long drive in the car on a cold bright winters day.

Formes – Absence Of The Noise

This track is from Leeds based band and is a beautiful piece of psychedelia, a wonderful song structure that centres around a hypnotic guitar riff, building towards a manic crescendo.


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