Introducing….. The Tea Street Band

Tea Street Band 1The Tea Street Band were one of the first bands I came across when I started my music blogging back in September last year and it’s been a pleasure watching them gain momentum over the past few months. I featured their track Disco Lights on my October Playlist and described their sound as ‘sunshine infused indie dance’ which I think sums up their sound nicely.

They’ve been getting plenty of support from people in the know such as XFM DJ’s John Kennedy and Clint Boon, BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank and even celebrity chef Simon Rimmer! The band hail from Liverpool and have gained incredible support from the people of the city which is now breaking out into the wider musical world.

Their live sets are more like club nights with the band providing the soundtrack for your big night out, allowing you to escape the daily grind for a while, get your feet moving and put a smile on your face.

Musically the band structure their songs like dance tracks with 4/4 beats building up to a euphoric chorus and breakdown with melodic guitars and synths transporting you off to a place where the sun always shines and everything is good.

2013 looks set to be a big year for The Tea Street Band, Timo Tierney from the band kindly answered a few questions for me giving a great insight into the band and what they are trying to achieve.

Your music is from the dance end of the musical spectrum, is that where your influences come from?

Growing up in a city like Liverpool in the 90’s you could not escape dance music. Everyone was obsessed with bootleg mix cassettes from nightclubs like The State and The Drome and that. When we started this band we wanted to draw upon those reference points because it makes people feel good. We all like different music but we all like going out for a dance in clubs. So we thought why not try to create music for people to dance to. Everything influences us, we try to write songs about a story whether fiction or fact that is about going out.

Your music has lots of euphoric sunshine infused elements I guess your trying to create moments of escapism?

Yes escapism is probably the word we use more than any other. Everyone dreams about escaping, whether its work, their life or themselves. When people listen to our music we want them to just let the music take their minds elsewhere. People have said ‘when I listen to Fiesta I feel like I am on a beach in Ibiza’ I personally have never been to Ibiza but I’ve thought exactly the same, weird that. When people come to our shows they forget about the bullshit and just enjoy themselves. When they leave they want to do it all again. Its super positive.

Outside of music where else do you draw inspiration from?

Everything, probably most of all each other. We all have our own struggles but we’re all strong, inspirational characters for one another. Where I live inspires me I look out of the window and there are trees and old street lamps. I love Liverpool its super inspirational. If you’re born here its like you’re born with a gift anyway. People like to see you well and get behind you and support what you’re doing. The twitter page just cements that. Every day we get new people sending us tweets about how they love what we’re doing. Now what more inspiration do you need other than that?

You’ve been playing some DIY warehouse parties, reminiscent of the 80’s rave culture, what was the thinking behind those?

We wanted to try and create the old feeling of being a part of something. When people used to go to nightclubs they’d go every week and know that the same faces would be there, before the age of mobile phones. Like a youth club kind of feel, no idiots, just a place people can come and feel they can let loose. Again the word escapism comes to mind. Our first one was brilliant, one of the best nights of my life. There was a lad who was dancing on a table for about 6 hours, rumour has it that when he went the toilet he asked some girl to mind his space! We want people to come and enjoy themselves, with the raves we give a really good platform for the band to perform and we work a set like a DJ would. We don’t just want to be the normal band!

What’s the music scene like in Liverpool at the moment and where do you see yourself in it?

I see us at the joint top of it with a handful of other bands. Years ago there were loads of venues, I used to go out 3 nights a week watching good local bands. Now its a lot harder to find really good bands. Instead of naming a load of bands I’d rather give the praise to the promoters and creatives in the city like Harvest Sun, Waxxx and Milk. They’re all doing their best to do interesting things locally. Bringing the best bands to Liverpool and giving them great venues or club nights to play at. When I go to see a gig I’ll trust who Harvest Sun have got on as being a worthwhile gig to go too. If I want to dance I know Waxxx will have a boss club night with good DJs and Milk are just creatives, I like them.

People who follow you on twitter will be familiar with tales from your bus journeys, have you thought about making a fly on the way TV programme about them – ‘Tales from the 82’ maybe?

If someone wanted to do that of course I would! The reason I write about the bus is because usually bands on twitter just write ‘got a gig get down’ or ‘download this’. We need to have more to our game than just music. I see myself as someone with a lot to say and I know I like to read about humorous local stuff. Every time I get on the bus I look around and take something funny or interesting from it, I don’t just sit with me eyes closed. There are people in Australia who say ‘I love your bus stories’. I read them back sometimes in bed and laugh to myself. Everything’s hilarious if you let it be, everyone’s just a bit uptight you need to let go a little and you’ll enjoy everything more. Its shit getting a bus but I take the positives rather than the negatives. or try! If channel 4 want to make a documentary though I’m defo game.

People especially in Liverpool have taken you into their hearts and want to be a part of what you are doing, it must be great to have that kind of support?

As I said earlier Liverpool is the best place on earth for this kind of thing. If people like you they’ll do everything possible to help you. I’m proud of where I am from, proud of my background, proud of my mates, family, everything. I’ve had young lads shout ‘is right Tea Street Band’ I mean that’s amazing. People believe in us. People want to see us do well because we’re sincere and we’re dreamers. We’re going to have a good go at this music lark this year and with the support of this city we can do anything. Thing is it isn’t us and them, we are all The Tea Street Band. Not being all hippy here but I believe them people are as important as us. If I wasn’t in the band I’d have taken it to my heart.

Things seem to be really taking off for you guys, what can we expect from The Tea Street Band this year?

This year we have a single out in February and hopefully one in March. We then want to make an album, that’s the major plan an album. We have some boss songs, we want them on a CD as a story, a collection of work that us five made together. We’re playing in Bray just outside Dublin with The Anfield Wrap in February so that’s our first trip out of England. Then were playing Soundcity In New York in March, now that’s a dream come true for me personally, I always said if my guitar can get me out of the country all the time and effort was worthwhile. We cannot wait for that. Then hopefully a few festivals in the summer… fingers crossed!! I think we can achieve anything if we all apply our energies in the right places. With our manager, label and ourselves we’ll push the feeling on!!

Further Info:

The band are signed to Jack To Phono records

Like them on Facebook

Check them out on SoundCloud


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