January Playlist

Playlist time again people, it may be January and you’re all in hibernation but there’s still plenty of music out there just waiting to be discovered. So lets kick off 2013 as we mean to go on with a big helping of great music.

Everything Everything – Kemosabe

Manchester based Everything Everything released the first big album of 2013 in Arc. This is the 2nd single from the album and probably the most accessible with its falsetto vocal and pop tinged vibe.

Dead Sons – Hangman

These guys hail out of Sheffield and the vocal will scream Alex Turner at you with the music screaming Queens Of The Stone Age, sounding like the album Humbug should have done! This track is from Dead Sons debut album The Hollers And The Hymns set for release next month.

Michael Bennett – Soundless Plea

This track is from Liverpool singer/songwriter Michael Bennett, I don’t really know too much more other than this is a cracking track. Melancholy, introspective feel to it with a heartfelt vocal an infectious rhythm and clean ringing guitar, not a bad combination!

The Darlingtons – Everything

Not strictly new as this track has been around since last summer but new to me so that qualifies. This track is lifted from their debut album Decades Dance, I’d describe their sound as Editors if they came from mid-west America, post-punk moody verse with a big American sound in the chorus.

Mama Roux – Reach Out

Now for something a little different, taking the playlist in a soulful jazzy direction are Mama Roux with their track Reach Out. If you can imagine stumbling into a late night drinking den in a London basement this track would be playing. Catch them at Kraak in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on 25th January.

Dutch Uncles – Flexxin

Another Manchester based band who like Everything Everything have started 2013 by releasing an album. This track is from the bands 3rd album Out Of Touch In The Wild and has an 80’s pop thing going on with a broken beat that centres around a great string hook.

Catfish and the Bottlemen – Sidewinder

Like recent a little bit louder introducing band Transition, Baby! Catfish and the Bottlemen have a American rock sound with big bold guitar riffs and catchy vocals. This track sums up that style nicely and reminds you of The Gaslight Anthem. Catch them at Sound Control, Manchester on the 24th January.

Broken Romeo – Coming To See You

Another track that is not strictly new but the band have recently made it available to download for free, (get it here) it first featured on an EP from 2007. I championed the bands track Mark Of Cain back in November and described their sound as classic US rock, this track is more laid back but stays true to those classic rock roots and has another awesome solo in there.

Velocets – Naked

Another Manchester band who despite only starting out last year have already made waves in the city. This track uses the classic soft and loud song structure that works so well especially live and if you want to catch them live they’re on the same bill as Mama Roux at Kraak in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on 25th January.

To Kill A King – Cold Skin

Last but my no means least are London’s To Kill A King with their new single Cold Skin, lots of layers to this with elements of folk, rock, indie and pop along side great harmonies. The band are due to release their debut album Cannibals with Cutlery next month.


Unsigned & New Band 12 from 2012 Playlist


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