Album Review: Dead Sons – Hollers And The Hymns

Dead Sons 1

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the return of guitar music in 2013, has it ever been away really? I don’t think it has, but if people are starting to get excited by guitar music again that can only be a good thing, right? Well, here’s something to get excited about – Dead Sons and their debut album Hollers and the Hymns.

The band are the latest off the conveyor belt of music coming out of Sheffield, which will I’m sure draw comparisons to the Arctic Monkeys and whilst there are similarities there’s also a lot more going on, with a harder, psychedelic and sleazier edge, in fact the album is a pretty brutal, 14 song, 41 minute assault on your senses! Set for release on the 18th February, here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect.

The album opens with Ghost Train, throwing you in at the deep end with a blast of distorted feedback wailing away before a frantic drum beat has the pace at full throttle and a big old dirty guitar riff smacks you in the face, this sets the scene for the next few tracks which come at you relentlessly. Shotgun Woman sounds like a ska track on steroids that conjures up an image of a female Nosferatu chasing you up a staircase in overdrive! Have a listen and you’ll hear what I mean!

Bangonfulturn has its roots in heavy metal with a serious riff dominating the track, locked to a furious pace overlaid with one word lyrics describing the rock and roll excess mantra and Hangman is a real sleazy affair with a menacing guitar riff that’s not too far away from The Kinks building up to a manic full on end.

Temptation Pool gives you a chance to draw breath after the onslaught that has just gone, a Mexican marching band beat provides the backbone of the track with a piano refrain that creates the atmosphere of a Spaghetti Western, showing a more subtle side to the band. The full on attack doesn’t pause for long though and Room 54 comes crashing in with a killer riff that punches you to the ground and drums that kick you in the ribs!

Junk Room has a psychedelic fell to it thanks to the Hammond organ with yet another sleazy guitar riff and some sinister vocals. The Quest For The Fire has a different fell to the rest of the album with an uplifting piano melody running through the track and a drum beat to get you dancing along with an infectious chorus that you’ll be singing without even knowing it. The shiny happy people don’t stay around long though, Stuck In A Maze is as full on as it gets, distorted guitars, distorted vocals and furious drums that drop into a psychedelic breakdown taking you on a late night excursion through the desert before a frantic solo finishes you off – this track was made to be played loud!!

The title track Hollers And The Hymns has a great soft and hard structure at the start to combine gentle piano and spoken word vocals interspersed with a blast of guitar, drums and organ, then in typical Dead Sons style the pace is ramped up to rock out through to the end. The quirky Hold On closes the album with a jazzy, bluesy 1920’s feel, a bit of an odd way to finish such a full on album but after the frantic ride you’ve just been on you’ll be in need of a little soothing!

This is one of the best debut album’s I’ve heard in a long time so go out buy it, play it and play it LOUD!!!!!

You can pre-order the album here

For further info and up coming tour dates check out the Dead Sons website


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