Album Review: No One Sun – All We Rely On Is Stolen

All We Rely On Is Stolen

No One Sun seem to have got things upside down, having written, recorded and released a full debut album before having even played a gig! My question would be “How do you know if an audience is going to like a track without road-testing on the unforgiving live circuit first?” Well I can tell you No One Sun have nothing to fear, the audience will like what these guys have to offer!

For a background on the band you can check out my Introducing….. No One Sun feature. With this post I’m going to give you my thoughts on the album All We Rely On Is Stolen which was released back in January 2013.

Along the lines of The Killers when they were the best English indie band to come out of America, before they went all Vegas, No One Sun have an unashamedly big anthemic sound, a hint of US rock combined with British indie melody and a great knack for writing a sing-a-long chorus. First track California has more than a hint of that US rock sound kicking off the album with a chorus you’ll be singing along to before you know it set to a soaring guitar solo that could have come off Hot Fuss.

I Don’t Know What To Say To You has a real big expansive sound with strings lifting the track to a euphoric level and another great sing-a-long chorus that you can imagine being sung in a field at a festival somewhere. This is followed by the track which first turned me on to the band, You’ve Changed You Mind Again, there’s a melancholy melodic feel to this track with a glorious chiming guitar hook that swirls around the track being lifted in all the right places by synths and strings with some great vocal harmonies.

The Moment sees a change in pace, all atmosphere and slow groove with a tale of love that builds in epic style (it’s nearly 6 minutes long) to a guitar solo full of beautiful effects that soars away with those strings again, reminds of Romeo & Juliet era Dire Straits, possible me favourite track off the album! The title track All We Rely On Is Stolen picks up the pace again with that US rock sound provided by a chunky guitar riff which is supported by a driving bass line and pounding drum beat underpinning the track.

The term pop has a stigma attached to it these days thanks to the dross that clogs up the radio and charts, but in its true form pop defines something being popular and in music having a sound that appeals to the masses, No One Sun have that pop sound in terms of all the right elements in the right places and lyrics that you would swear you’d heard before. Two Ships is a perfect example of this sound all vocal harmonies, melodic guitar with a great beat, strings and even some brass in there. To Which I Won’t Dance will defy its title and will definitely have you dancing, with its rythem section designed to get for feet moving set to the now trademark vocal harmonies and a spiky angular guitar riff powering the track along.

Final track Home is a huge anthem of a song and a great way to close the album taking you on a rollercoaster of a journey dropping and soaring with simple but effective guitar and those strings again creating the euphoric atmosphere but it’s the vocals that stand out on the track, subtle in the verse and then uplifting in the chorus with just the right amount of rock rasp. The production value on this track and the whole album in fact is top draw, the guys are obviously talented musicians who know exactly how to put a track together. It will be interesting to see how this project progresses when they finally get out and play live, with the right support and a little bit of luck I can see this going far.

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