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It’s strange how things align and come together sometimes, for example: I stumbled across a song on Twitter the other day and was instantly grabbed by it, you know that feeling when you hear the first few bars of a track and you know you’re going to like. I was putting together my February playlist at the time and put the track straight in, the band saw the playlist and got in touch, which brings me to writing this Introducing….. feature, all within the space of a couple of days! So without further ado lets introduce No One Sun.

The band are pretty unconventional in that No One Sun are yet to play a live gig but have written, recorded and recently released a full album! They hail from the North West of England with Nick Noone and Jamie Hewson being the brains behind the project.

Musically we are talking about well crafted indie/rock tunes with big anthemic chorus’, soaring guitar work and a foot stomping rhythm section. The song I referred to earlier as stumbling on was You’ve Changed Your Mind Again, which is a perfect example of the powerful, driving sound of No One Sun with great harmonies and melodic guitar work.

You can check out more of my thoughts on the band in my review of the debut album All We Rely On Is Stolen here

Jamie was kind enough to answer a few questions to introduce you to the band.

First up, give us a brief history of how No One Sun came about?

Well, Nick stood in on bass for the band I was playing in, we instantly clicked, got chatting about music and that we’d both been writing and recording for years. So it was literally:
“Lets do something!”
Nick and I wrote, performed and produced the album then about half way through the album put a live band together. The name is an amalgamation/tweak of our surnames, but alludes to the fact there are billions and billions of suns out there, with an unfathomable number of planets; in short, you’re a fool if you think we’re alone.

How would describe your sound?

Indie, pop, rock!

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You’ve just released your debut album, how long did it take to put together?

It took 21 months, we deliberately didn’t rush it and made sure we were 100% happy with every note, beat, vocal, mix. A perk of doing it all yourself 🙂

What sort of reaction have you had to the album?

Its been overwhelmingly positive and from the most unexpected places too. We’ve had sales in the USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada and across Europe which was quite a surprise! We’ve also had global airplay through internet radio. It’s when strangers get in touch and give you a pat on the back that makes it special.

How does the song writing process work in the band?

Nick or myself will generally throw over a riff or an idea and the other will throw it back with something bolted on like another riff or a lyric or vocal hook and we’ll build from there. We both have a huge amount of stuff we’ve done in the past and will occasionally pull snippets from there we think  might work. Then begins the  process of honing it until we have something we think works. Who does what varies with the track, never be precious! And it’s true what they say: it’s not what you put in, but what you leave out.

What influences you outside of music?

Outside of music? Probably family and observations, relationships with friends/colleagues. Sometimes something as simple as a nice view, a good book or an overheard phrase can trigger a whole wealth of material.

What gigs have you played recently

Sadly none. In the latter half of 2012 Nick was out of action with a slipped disc in his back and is currently recovering from major surgery after having a vertebra removed. It’s meant we’ve had to take a little time out while he recuperates.

What are your plans for 2013?

Get out giging the album and get the name out there as much as possible. We’ve also started demoing ideas for the next album.

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