Stolen Haven – Demos

Stolen Haven1

After an exciting 2012 on the gig circuit around Manchester and the North West including a prestigious performance at City Square – Manchester City Football Stadium before the match with Aston Villa, Manchester band Stolen Haven have put together a collection of 4 tracks to showcase their sound which is described as “blisteringly groovy, indie disco style anthems with a heartfelt twist, laid on a bed of catchy rock ‘n’ roll licks”.  So let’s have a listen:

First track Broke opens on a guitar riff that is straight out of the Johnny Marr text book accompanied by a nice groove to the rhythm section and a vocal that is well delivered with a dose of Manc swagger.

Second track Decent Shoes shows a more delicate and thoughtful side with a well constructed song that builds around an acoustic guitar riff and a heartfelt vocal which is allowed to shine in an a capella section before the band come back in and carry the track through to the end.

Track number three Memories takes its inspiration from 90’s Britpop with and a hint of Rolling Stones rock ‘n’ roll thrown in towards the end.

Final track Unhappy Restless Soul has a blues feel to it thanks to the raw guitar riff running through it and another great vocal that has attitude and harmony.

All in all an impressive set of demos, each showcasing a different style musically but all brought together by the vocals which really stand out.

Their next gig is in Wigan on the 19th April at Indiependence along with another recently featured Manchester band The Ninth Watch

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