The Nankeens – Autonomy EP

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Salford four piece The Nankeens recently released their first EP, entitled Autonomy, on the back of a series of well received gigs on the Manchester scene. Forming out of two previous bands they show a maturate in sound and song writing that comes from serving an apprenticeship on the circuit. A quote from their blog spot sums things up nicely “Even in an era when artists are made famous from singles alone, on stage is still where it really counts, meaning a quality act must have talent well beyond the studio. That’s certainly the case with The Nankeens.” So lets have a listen:

EP opener is I’m Not Playing containing some gloriously melodic ringing guitar work that builds and drops nicely to a psychedelic solo towards the end. Vocally the track is very strong combing a mixture of Liam Fray with Caleb Followill, just the right blend of harmony and rock rasp.

Second track Here We Go has a more melancholy feel and slower pace to the first track, showing a subtler side to the band. There is a sense of space in the track with each element kept simple but effective from the solid drums and deep bass underpinning it to the chiming guitar swirling around the utterly believable and heartfelt delivered lyrics.

Next up Breaking Bad a track similar to the previous track with a melancholy feel but with a faster pace and a more dominant guitar sound. The song structure works really well, building and layering the sound to the highpoint of the rock-out solo.

Penultimate track Reaper has a dramatic opening with a grungy post-punk bass line, drum rolls and feedback. Vocally you will draw similarities to the aforementioned Caleb Followill, in that they are passionate and emotional in a gritty rock style. There is an epic feel to the track drawing you in and taking you on a journey from Arcade Fire to Kings Of Leon via Salford!

Final track is Ukulele Song and unsurprisingly is centered around a ukulele! A slightly quirky way to end the EP but shows the versatility of the band and confidence in their ability. The song itself stands up in its own right and isn’t a gimmick with a folk feel accompanied by just the right amount of bass and drums and a restrained vocal.

You can download the Autonomy for free here

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Catch them live over the next few weeks:

19th April – The Lomax, Liverpool.
27th April – The Kings Arms – Manchester.
23rd May – The Bakers Vault – Stockport.
25th May – The Shakespeare, Sheffield.


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