Kill For Company – Alternative To Living EP Review

Kill For Company 1Manchester duo Kill For Company are set to release their second EP, Alternative For Living via Longevity Records, on the 20th April to coincide with Record Store Day.

There’s been a fair bit of hype surrounding these guys, especially on the Manchester scene, well after hearing the EP, believe the hype, this is music in its rawest form at it’s exciting best!

The pair have been drawing attention by their unusual set up, with Mark O’Donoughue on drums and Michael Banfield playing his own customised guitar which combines both lead guitar and bass on the same neck. This is certainly no gimmick though with the ‘Guibass’ providing a unique sound that is complemented brilliantly by some great drumming that drives the rhythm and vocals from the darker side of life.

For the guitar geeks out there here a bit of technical stuff on how the ‘Guibass’ works. In simple terms it is a lead guitar but with two bass strings at the low-end, but in order to make it work the pick-ups are re-adjusted and the signal is then split through both a lead and bass amp. Clever stuff, and of course you then have to play it!

Alternative To Living opens up the EP with a dark bass line, pounding drums and a guitar riff that sounds almost church organ like, the chorus is beautifully melodic against the dark verse, the whole track has a deconstructed blues feel running through it. Push is a post-punk meets White Stripes affair all dark and atmospheric before a killer guitar riff and crashing drums takes you through to the end. Not Enough kicks off with a spiky, grungy bass riff complemented by an equally raw guitar riff that battle back and forth through the track whilst being powered along by heavy drums and vocals delivered with a dark, sinister snarl. If Manchester did the blues this is what it would sound like; raw, spiky but cool at the same time!

You can catch them live at the Deaf Institute in Manchester for their EP Showcase on the 26th April.

EP Track Listing:

Alternative To Living
Black And White
Not Enough

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