Formes call it a day

Formes header4

A Little Bit Louder favourites Formes have called it a day, after a brief but successful time the band has come to an end, releasing the following statement on their Facebook page:

“We had a decent, short run, but unfortunately Formes have had to come to an end, with Steve now pursuing his new project the Arizona Rifles Coops and Dan leaving due to musical differences and Rob and Jordan concentrating on their metal band ‘Pillars of Heresy’ it was only inevitable. Adios for now.”

I had high hopes for these guys this year, they were at the forefront of the psychedelic sound that is going to be big this year. Releasing two brilliant tracks in Absence Of The Noise and Alone, the promise of an album in the pipeline and plenty of support from people in the know it was dead cert that Formes would break through but sadly the project won’t now reach its full potential. Hopefully these talented musicians and songwriters will continue making music under different guises but for now thanks for the music Formes!


Formes – Absence Of The Noise

Formes – Live on BBC Introducing West Yorkshire

Formes – Alone


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