The Bedroom Hour – Themes

Themes 1

The month of May sees the release of the debut EP from upcoming London 5-piece The Bedroom Hour. Formed out of two previous bands last year, the band have taken their time to craft and hone their sound with a determination to get it right, culminating in the release of Themes, a 6 track sampler which sets a milestone in the bands progress from promising newcomers to serious contenders.

You can find out more about the band in the introducing….. post the band did for a little bit louder last year, but for now let’s get on with reviewing the EP.

Opening track Shadow Boxer begins with a deep brooding bass line over which chiming guitar rings out, slowing building to a crescendo, before dropping back to the bass line and introducing us to the vocal which is allowed to soar into the chorus where the keys take over and take the track into an uplifting wave of noise. Underpinned by the driving rhythm section the track gloriously rises and falls, drawing you in and lifting you up.

Second track Tyrannosaur continues the dark brooding theme with a raw post-punk, Joy Division style bass line used to power the track over which manic synth stabs ring out, matching the dark subject matter of the lyrics perfectly. The track will play heavy in your mind captivating you in its sense of isolation. Next track Themes is a short interlude around which the EP is intertwined. A simple but beautiful haunting piano refrain and a heartfelt distant vocal cry that you want to reach out to but you find is just out of grasp, a brief moment that encapsulates The Bedroom Hour sound.

Midnight Game is a more uplifting affair that gives you a sense of optimism in its simple melody, that bizarrely reminds me of Calypso music but maybe that’s just me! The building of hope intensifies as you get deeper into the track and centres around the lyrics:  “I’m alive in the darkness” and “You’re a light in the darkness.” Inspiring belief that all is not lost. Penultimate track is X Marks The Spot which has a wonderful song structure that begins in a dreamlike atmosphere of new-wave synth, hypnotic rhythm and softly spoken almost caressed vocals, the track then picks up pace with the introduction of chiming guitar, each element is kept clean and allowed to breathe, lifting you up into the track with the vocals that become more intense until you are completely taken away, heady stuff.

The EP closes with Slow Motion Cinema, a truly stunning and epic piece of music, combining all the elements that have gone before to create the bands strongest track. A real sense of space is created which allows each instrument to be clearly heard, none complicated but all beautiful in their simplicity and perfectly executed; melodic piano, haunting guitar, rumbling bass and precise drums. But it is the vocal that’s the real star of the show, heartfelt in the extreme you can feel every word being sung sharing in an intimate moment that could have you in the same room.

In summary a thought provoking, raw, emotional EP that showcases a band with great song craft and the ability to captivate the listener using intense atmospheres and dark subject matter that at the same time inspires hope.

You can pre-order the EP here

The official launch of Themes will be on the 17th May with a gig at 229 The Venue, Great Portland Street, London.


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