Dead Sons – Night & Day, Manchester 09/05/13

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Dead Sons made a quick return to Manchester, headlining a Clash Magazine and Northern Noise event at the famous Night & Day venue. Following their previous sold out show in the intimate upstairs room at Trof in Fallowfield just outside the city this was a much anticipated performance in a bigger room to unleash their big sound on!

Following the release of debut album The Hollers & The Hymns back in February the band have been out on the road around the country, including recent performances at Liverpool’s Sound City Festival and a showcase in their hometown of Sheffield with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe. So at the rather late time of 10.20 on a Thursday night Dead Sons took to the stage and launched straight into the no holds barred Room 54 a track that pulls no punches and lays down the gauntlet for the rest of the show, loud and heavy!!

The wall of noise comes thick and fast, the combination of drummer and percussionist power into Bangonfullturn with guitars howling and vocals delivered with a sinister edge, the protracted pause adding to the excitement before the riff comes back one last time. The big difference from the last Manchester show is the size of the sound, in the bigger venue there is room for the sound to expand along with room on the floor for the audience to move and those down at the front were certainly doing that!

Hangman with its sleazy and scuzzy blues riff had the crowd grooving and Junk Room had them singing the chorus and chanting “Dead Sons, Dead Sons” after! This was now a fully fledged rock gig with the band storming through their set, Ghost Train rained down with a blast  of feedback and manic drumming. There is a marked contrast between the recorded album and the band live, the album has as a polished edge to it where as live Dead Sons are a raw, full on behemoth of a band.

Shotgun Women is the band’s most recognisable track and goes down a storm whilst Stuck In Maze took things even heavier; distorted guitar and distorted vocals howling away with unforgiving drumming beating you into submission. Final track of the night was The Hollers & The Hymns with its epic structure that builds up to the full on rock out jam that is the perfect way to the end the show with feedback wailing, guitars held triumphantly aloft and drums sent flying, Dead Sons are a band not to be missed live!

Set List

Room 54
A Love As Good As Ours
Junk Room
Ghost Train
Shotgun Women
Stuck In A Maze
The Hollers & The Hymns


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