EP Review: Citroën – Anachronaut

The rings of Jupiter, photographed by Voyager 2, 1979.

Minneapolis 3-piece Citroën released their debut EP Anachronaut at the back end of 2012 following their formation earlier in the same year. They describe their sound as ‘dark but danceable rock and roll that’s not afraid to push a few boundaries and shake a few hips’ with ‘a bit of Queens of the Stone Age here, some New Order there, a touch of Minus the Bear, a hint of Interpol’. All sounds pretty interesting so lets take a listen.

First of all though, I was intrigued by the name of the EP, as I have a fascination with words, ‘Anachronaut’ is one I hadn’t come across before and has a nice sound to it! So for those of you who may be interested the urban dictionary has the following meanings:

  • One who speaks in the ye olde style.
  •  Someone who wears old fashioned clothes eg: fop wear, corsets, hoopskirts. Can also mean someone wearing more recent though out of style clothing (from the 70s 80s 90s etc).
  • Anyone using out of date computer technology.

Anyway that’s enough semantics and etymology for one post, lets gets on with reviewing this EP!

Opening track on the EP is Shifting Sands which the band describe as ‘the fast one’. The driving rhythm section on this track really stands out, a killer bass line and frenzied drumming powers through this track drawing comparisons to Queens of the Stone Age along with a distorted Josh Homme-esc vocal. The breakdown and reprise at the back end of the track adds an extra dimension that would sound great when played live!

Next up is Sea Wolf which has a much slower pace with an introspective and melancholy feel to it, the band embracing the moody post-punk sound of the early eighties. The track itself is beautifully crafted with a chiming guitar riff held together by a simple but effective rhythm that builds throughout the track to a crescendo at the end.

Shore is centred around a distorted, scuzzy guitar riff that has a garage rock feel to begin with before going on a wonderful psychedelic journey, I love it when a track changes direction when you’re not expecting it.

Terminal Bliss concludes the EP, this being the track which first turned me on to Citroën and featured in the April playlist. The track builds from a deep brooding bass line and moody vocal that sets a dark, sinister atmosphere to be cut with a blast of spiky, angular guitar that contrasts the heavy rhythm perfectly.

This is a really strong debut EP, each track showcases a different element which when combined makes for a very exciting overall sound, making the transgression from psychedelic desert rock to dark dancefloors.

You can download the full EP here

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