EP Review: A Doubtful Sound – Make Loud Sexy

Make Loud Sexy

If ever an EP was going to feature on ALBL it had to be one entitled Make Loud Sexy the  six track debut EP from A Doubtful Sound which is set for release 22nd June. The band has an international feel comprising members from New Zealand and the UK, where they currently ply their trade. The EP has been recorded in a ‘live’ style with the finishing touches applied by Pete Maher who has worked with U2, Jack White, Nine Inch Nails and Garbage. Comparisons to Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age have been made so you know this is going to be from the heavier end of the rock spectrum, lets take a listen and find out if loud has been made sexy!

EP opener is Monster which does exactly what it says on the tin, a monster of a riff to kick things off, setting the tone for the track and the rest of the EP. There’s a classic rock feel to the structure of Monster without it sounding dated, great gravelly voiced vocals and pounding percussion can also be found here.

Up next is Dead or Famous which is a real in your face number, a grinding riff and rhythm in the verse that really lets loose in the chorus with vocals on the right side of a scream and guitars creating a riot. Ten Tonnes continues the riot with a frantic paced beat and brutal guitar that is well within the boundaries of punk, short and to the point, vocals are kept at a minimum occasionally interspersing the carnage that is taking place! My Everything continues the assault on your senses with some nice changes of pace and unusual guitar sounds that show an accomplished side to the band, the vocals mange to be both charming and sinister at the same time, working perfectly with the rise and fall of the track.

Penultimate track is Never Seen The Light, bristling with raw energy that encapsulate the live feel to the recording of the EP which comes across so well, you could see yourself getting down to this at a gig! Final track More I Know sounds like Foo Fighters in their pomp, just over 2 minutes of fast paced power cord guitar and vocals which have you singing along like you’ve heard the track 100 times before.

A Doubtful Sound pull no punches with their short, sharp shocks of energy that will have you breathless and begging for more, proving the loud is definitely sexy!!

Make Loud Sexy will be available in both digital and physical formats, you can pre-order your copy here

The EP will also be available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify soon.

To celebrate the launch of the EP A Doubtful Sound will be playing a launch party at the Hatchet in Bristol on the 23rd June.

Check out the band’s website for more information

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Track List:

1. Monster
2. Dead or Famous
3. Ten Tonnes
4. My Everything
5. Never Seen the Light
6. More I Know


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