EP Review: Puppet Rebellion – Chemical Friends

Chemical Friends EP

Having only recently formed, Manchester 5 piece Puppet Rebellion have quickly gained momentum on a local scene that is currently alive with a host of great bands. Their demo version of Greatest Lie Ever Told quickly went past 4,ooo plays on Soundcloud and has attracted attention and air play from the movers and shakers around Manchester and beyond. Building on the success of this and a series of well received live performances the band have now released a 3 track EP ‘Chemical Friends’ 

EP opener and title track is Chemical Friends kicking things off with a heavy riff and frantic drums before dropping into a more melodic post-punk sound underpinning the vocal which is delivered in a storyteller style describing the highs and lows of staying out until first light. There’s a great flow to the track with the contrasting dual lead guitar styles of heavy riff and melodic clear tone set to a driving rhythm of bass and drums.

Greatest Lie Ever Told has been causing quiet a stir and it’s not hard to hear why, a wonderfully well constructed song that fuses early 80’s post-punk and a more modern indie sound creating something that is both dark and uplifting, I would draw comparisons to another Manchester band, Slow Readers Club, who also have the ability to create this dark but uplifting sound. For me though it’s the lyrical content that really stands out, with religious connotations and incredibly catchy chorus of “we don’t need you, I don’t believe you” delivered in an utterly believable manner.

Closing the EP is The New Twenty which has a different feel to the previous tracks with its marching, dance floor friendly rhythm and chiming upbeat guitar that finds me drawing comparisons this time with Manchester favourites Doves. A rousing anthem of a track that shows an ability to vary their sound without compromising on quality.

Puppet Rebellion have a rare combination of both great music and lyrical depth that may just see them being the architects of future indie anthems from Manchester.

The EP is available now as a free download here

Check out the bands website for more info and future gigs.

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Track List:

1. Chemical Friends

2. The Greatest Lie Ever Told

3. The New Twenty


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