The Bedroom Hour – Night & Day, Manchester 10/08/13

The iconic Night & Day was the setting for the Manchester debut of London 5-piece The Bedroom Hour, a band who’ve made big strides in 2013, with a series of London shows and a mini tour of Scotland under their belt, along with the release of their brilliant first EP Themes.

The sizable crowd who’d gathered in the dark and characterful Northern Quarter venue was in no small part down to the power of social media and in particular Twitter, where the band connect and engage with fans on a regular basis. This had helped in creating a real buzz about the gig by the time a deep, brooding bass line rumbled into life followed by drums, haunting synths and clear chiming guitar which heralded the opening track. This had been cleverly extended to create an intro, the four instruments building the anticipation before the entrance of frontman Stuart Drummond, taking his place at the mic and confidently deliver the opening lines to Shadow Boxer, a post-punk, moody and atmospheric tune that sounded like it could have been born in Manchester.

The Bedroom Hour

The post-punk sound continued with Tyrannosaur, powered by the driving rhythms of drums and bass along with great manic synth stabs giving the track a big U2-esq sound. By now Stu is in the zone, at times resembling a tiger, stalking the mic stand crouched and ready to pounce. In X Marks The Spot the band have a ready-made hit which sounds even better live, glorious chiming guitar from Rob Payne ringing out over the track, new-wave synths and vocals delivered in a totally believable manner that reminds you of Guy Garvey.

The Bedroom Hour

The version of Slow Motion Cinema was especially poignant, in the week that marked a year since singer Stu Drummond’s mum Margaret sadly passed away, the lyrics capturing his emotions and feelings during the time of his mum’s battle with a terminal illness. A hauntingly beautiful track were keys and guitar combine to set a melancholy backdrop for the emotional and heartfelt vocals.

The driving Peter Hook style bass returned for World War Me another track that could have been brought up on the grey streets of Manchester, rising and falling in dramatic style around some wonderfully dark guitar sounds.

Penultimate track Heart Will Haunt is a real epic anthem of a track and has a triumphant feel to it, which was transferred to the crowd along with high-fives for the front row and final track Nocturnal had the jubilant audience dancing with its pounding rhythm and upbeat Joshua Tree melody.

So Manchester took The Bedroom Hour to its heart, wooed by the music and charmed by the down-to-earth attitude. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing these London boys back soon!

The Bedroom Hour

**Special thanks to Trust A Fox Photography for the pictures used here @TrustFox

Set List:

Shadow Boxer
No Keys
X Marks The Spot
Slow Motion Cinema
World War Me
Heart Will Haunt


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