The Music Files with Daz Earl – 06/11/13

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the ressurection, confirmation and baptism of music

Wednesday 6th November 2013

Artist                              Track                                    Year          Label           Further Info
Oasis                              Columbia                            1993         Creation
Primal Scream              Kill All Hippies                    2000        Creation
The Waterboys              The Whole Of The Moon   1985         Ensign
Death To The Strange  The Drink And The Devil   2013                                  here
Ghost Outfit                     Waste                                  2013        Sways              here
Black Onassis                Brian                                    2013       Minus Man       here 

Simon Mason

Special Guest:

Simon Mason author of Too High, Too Far, Too Soon: Tales from a Dubious Past

Talks about the highs and lows of the Britpop years, Oasis, Creation Records and much more.

Simon Mason on Facebook & Twitter

Published by Mainstream Publishing priced £11.99 and available now from Random House

Listen Live

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