The Bedroom Hour – Night & Day, Manchester 02/11/13

On a typically cold and wet Manchester night London band The Bedroom Hour returned to the city’s famous Night & Day Cafe were 3 months earlier their 1st appearance demanded a quick return.


For any aspiring band a home-town gig is usually a banker, confidence is high and you can rely on family and friends to swell the audience, but when it comes to playing a gig on the road with no safety net things can be very different. How is it then, that a band who have travelled some 200 miles, to play a city for only the second time, manage to make the occasion feel like a home-coming?

For me its two things; effective use of social media, such an important tool these days allowing a band to connect on a personal and individual level and TBH are great at this, but above all its the music, you can have all the followers you want but for people to come out and show support you need to be able to back it up with great music. So on a night when the weather made X-Factor almost look like an option the large crowd gathered at the Night & Day were there for one thing and one thing only – the music.


Surprisingly the set was kicked off by 3 relatively new songs, certainly a risk but a sign of faith in both the audience and the songs. That faith is completely justified as the band effortlessly hit their stride with the crowd in tow, World War Me sounding perfectly at home with its dark post-punk sound and Sea Without Water creating an epic sound scape reminiscent of Simple Minds. The new material showcasing a band comfortable with their sound and mature in their songwriting.

The familiar territory of X Marks The Spot is greeted like an old friend, it seems everybody gathered in the room knows the words and isn’t afraid to sing them back to the band, a barometer as to how far this band have come. This is quickly followed by Heart Will Haunt, a live favourite, that began with lead-singer Stu Drummond back to the room before leading the crowd in clapping along to the anthemic rhythm of the track which is full of dreamy, soaring melodies and honest heartfelt vocals that typify The Bedroom Hour.


The brooding bass line and haunting synths of Shadow Boxer, lead track from the Themes EP, took the performance up another notch, chiming guitar and vocal in unison with high-fives for those gathered at the front of the stage. Nocturnal, now the traditional set closer, with its triumphant pounding beat, uplifting synths and sing-along chorus, the perfect way to bring to a close a gig that further enhanced the growing reputation of a band that Manchester has taken to its heart.

What the band said:I did say before we went into Nocturnal that last time we played Manchester it was the anniversary of the death of a great man and we paid tribute to that man (Tony Wilson). This time the only people we want to pay tribute to is everyone that came out to support us. It’s truly humbling that we can play a city where we know nobody and they can make us feel so alive and humbleStu Drummond, lead-singer.

**All photos courtesy of Trust A Fox Photography @TrustFox

Set List:
World War Me
Sea Without Water
X Marks The Spot
Heart Will Haunt
Shadow boxer
No Keys

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