The Tea Street Band – Gullivers, Manchester 22/11/13

From the building of the Ship Canal through to their respective football teams Liverpool and Manchester are fierce rivals but in music the two often come together, take The Real People helping out a young Oasis or Cream using the Hacienda’s club blueprint to create their own super-club.

And so this musical camaraderie continues with The Tea Street Band making the short trip down the East Lancs Road to Gullivers in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter on a cold Friday night. Comfortably selling out venues in their home-town the secret is spreading and a decent crowd have assemble in the intimate upstairs space, with new single Lost For Words getting rave reviews a debut album imminent and shows in the US and Australia this year the band are definitely on the up.

Proceedings are opened with the aforementioned single and straight away it’s noticeable how dance orientated the band are, with the keys and synths dominant in the sound and the electronic drum kit providing the rhythm, the bass is driving and the guitar is used to add to the overall sound rather than be the sound. The dance music references continue with old school piano house forming the backbone of Dance With Me along with an infectious groove and wistful falsetto vocals that certainly had the crowd up and dancing.


Santa Monica continued the groove and Look On Your Face was particularly impressive with it’s breakbeat style breakdown and reprise working the crowd perfectly. Disco Lights is probably the most recognisable track to date, having received plenty or radio play following it’s release at the back end of 2012, a more classic indie song structure with the vocals brought to the fore and built around a glorious riff that will soundtrack nights out for a longtime to come.


Being in Manchester you can’t not mention dance music without citing New Order and Push The Feeling On gives a nod to the electronic pioneers with 80’s style synths building throughout the track to a euphoric climax that swept the crowd along and into the instrumental Fiesta, taking you away to a sunset over Ibiza with beautifully melodic guitar and heady beat that had both the band and audience lost in the music. Final track Summer Dreaming had the masses clapping along to the beat of the intro, the blissful chiming guitar and the dreamy vocals conjuring up images of sun soaked beaches and care-free times, the extended outro ending the show on a real high.


In times when the day-to-day drag can get you down The Tea Street Band provide those moments of escapism which allow you to lose yourself in the moment, combining the euphoria of the dancefloor within the format of a band structure. Building on a hugely successful 2013 the release of the debut album early in 2014 should see the Liverpool outfit break through to a much wider audience.

** All pictures courtesy of PG Photography facebook website twitter

Set List:
Lost For Words
Dance With Me
Santa Monica
Look On Your Face
Disco Lights
Push The Feeling On
Summer Dreaming

Introducing…..The Tea Street Band
The Tea Street Band – Lost For Words
Kendal Calling Festival Highlights


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