Music comes together for the Night & Day

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In little over 24 hours a petition to remove a “Statutory Nuisance Abatement Notice” is approaching 50 thousand signatures and has seen fans and musicians alike show their support for Manchester’s iconic Night & Day Cafe. The likes of Tim Burgess, Johnny Marr and Frank Turner have lent their support and articles in the Manchester Evening News and NME have highlighted the issue.

On the back of one resident complaining to Manchester City Council about the noise from a venue that has operated in the same location for the past 23 years, the threat of fines and possible closure now hang over the owners. A venue that has been a right of passage for up and coming bands and has seen the likes of Elbow, Kasabian, The Manic Street Preachers and Johnny Marr all grace the stage as well as pretty much every band that has associated themselves with the Manchester music scene over the past two decades.

Lets look at the facts, you move into a property you know is next to a music venue in the vibrant Northern Quarter of a 24 hour city like Manchester and then decide to complain about the noise, really? That’s like moving under the flight path of Heathrow and then moaning about the planes!! Whilst I don’t want to trivialise the problem of noisy neighbours, I’ve suffered with them, surely common sense would tell you that moving in next to a gig venue is going to be noisy!?!

The issue isn’t just about the neighbour though, it’s the local Council that has issued the notice and this is what needs to be revoked. Surely in a city centre where the night-time economy is worth so much a compromise between commercial and residential properties can be found? Given the fact that the Night & Day and other venues on Oldham Street have been long established why is the Council now looking to change the balance? Will this set a precedence in the Northern Quarter that will see it turned into middle class suburbia?

What this issue has shown is that music has the power to bring people together and unite for a shared cause. The weight of opinion cannot be ignored by the Council and this crazy situation must end with the Night & Day free to continue as it has down for the past 23 years – an institution on the world-famous Manchester music scene.

Please go and add your signature to the petition here and get yourself out to support local music venues and artists as these are the backbone of what makes music great.

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