EP Review: Moscow – Pack Animals

Pack Animals

Stoke outfit Moscow burst onto the scene last year with the brilliant debut EP Hell Fire. The noise makers are now back with the follow up, Pack Animals, brimming full of energy, vim and vigor!

A brooding, dark, post-punk backdrop opens up the EP with title track Pack Animals, a Peter Hook-esc bass line leading the track combined with some angular effect-laden guitar ringing out frantic drumming that is all brought together by the manic vocals that truly make Moscow stand out from the crowd, part Ian Curtis, part John Lydon and completely engaging.

Up next is Out Of Time which intriguingly manages to deconstruct the conventional rock format. The basic elements are all there, 4/4 drum beat, driving bass and power-cord guitar, but put together in such way that makes you sit up and listen. The track rises and falls between verse and chorus with the vocals leading the charge to a crescendo of noise.

Killing Hope is an altogether darker affair with its incessant drum beat and jerky guitar that builds in a menacing vein, creating a heavy atmosphere that is almost oppressive. Moody and broody this is not for the faint-hearted as the track unfolds and the story is told, the battle-cry backing vocals add an extra dimension to a track of pure vitriol.

Closing the EP Truth Vibration is a real juggernaut, buzz-saw guitars and pounding drums provide the texture and tone to the feral vocals echoing throughout the track. On the verge of being un-hinged only adds to the excitement of a song that will surely do serious damage when played live.

Moscow are exactly what are needed at the moment, blasting music out of the Bastille doldrums of dreariness. If John Peel was around today he would love Moscow!!

You can download the EP now from bandcamp

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Track List:
1. Pack Animals
2. Out of Time
3. Killing Hope
4. Truth Vibration


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