Catching up with The Nankeens

ALBL caught up with The Nankeens front man Adam Darby on the eve of their biggest show to date, a Saturday night headline slot at Manchester’s famous Gorilla venue, and with a new EP set to drop plus more big shows too come the future looks bright for the Salford four piece.

The Nankeens Gorilla Flyer
Playing Gorilla is a pretty big deal in Manchester, how are you feeling about the gig?

We’re really looking for to it but there’s also a bit a nerves there as well, I mean we obviously want to make sure we do it justice but because it’s yet another step up in venue for us we want to try and take our set up a notch as well. We have got a few small things in the set which we have never tried before and hope they will be the finishing touches that make us stand out.

You’ve built up a large local following, it must be a great feeling to have that kind of support at gigs?
That’s one of the reasons we do it, for the energy you get back from a crowd, sometimes playing a gig to 20 people can have more energy than playing to 200 and I think it goes to show you get back what you put in. But I think we also have a really great set of fans who are dedicated gig goers who are always on the lookout for new music not just from us but anyone playing good music.

Nankeens logo

You’ve recently been in the famous Motor Museum Studio over in Liverpool laying down the next EP, how did that go?
It’s hard to describe recording somewhere like that, you really do get a sense of how many great bands have been in there as soon as you walk in and that really helps to bring the best out of everyone when recording. The EP (Blisters) is really our best work to date and it couldn’t have gone any better to be honest. We have put a lot of time and hard work into this so that’s why we have gone with the name Blisters to try and get that across but hopefully you will be able to hear to difference as well.

You’re debut EP ‘Autonomy’ was really well received, what can we expect from the new EP?
Well it’s been a lot better planned, in terms of the last EP we had been playing those songs for a while and basically just recorded exactly how we play it live. Where as with Blisters we sat down with the intention of making a new record and wrote, experimented and built the EP, then went to record it once we had ironed out any kinks and we we’re happy with how it sounded on record.

What’s the rest of the year got in store for The Nankeens?
Obviously we hope to release the EP later in the year, we are currently talking to a few independent labels and are looking to approach a few more about releasing the EP, we’re hoping to have a limited number pressed up on vinyl so keep you eyes peeled for that. We’ve also got a few more big gigs in the pipeline and hopefully a few festival’s.

The Nankeens play Gorilla in conjunction with Scruff Of The Neck Records on Saturday 17th May tickets available here:

 Buy Tickets

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