Dogstock 2014 – Five reasons why you should go

Dogstock header Festival season is upon us and whilst you can cry about not getting Glastonbury tickets or pretend you want to go to V Festival why not try something that encapsulate the true meaning of a festival and get yourself down to Dogstock in Bolton, these are five reason why:

The Place
From the outside the Dog and Partridge looks a little rough around the edges and the inside isn’t much better, but the charm of the place is undeniable, the outdoor stage is perfectly formed, the beer flows freely and there’s not a portaloo in site!

The Price
Only £10 for a weekend wristband, you can pay more for one drink in some places.

The Weather
The sun will shine at some point and when it does everything is good in the world especially with a cold beer in hand.

The People
You won’t find a friendly crowd of music lovers, where facial-hair has always been in fashion and nobody cares if your t-shirt is hip. There’s a real sense of community where everybody feels involved and anything goes as long as you obey the golden rule “Don’t be a Dick”.

The Music
Above all it’s about the music, over the 3 days expect anything from Reggae to Indie, Punk to Folk, Hip Hop to Jazz and all points in between. One thing guaranteed at Dogstock is you will find your next favorite band.

Dogstock runs from Friday May 23rd through to Sunday May 25th at the Dog and Partridge Pub in Bolton. Further info can be found on the Website and Facebook pages

Dogstock lineup

Dogstock 2013
10 Years At The Dog – Dog & Partridge, Bolton 24/11/12


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