The Backhanders – Campfire / Down By The River

On the back of a handful of gigs and a couple of demo tracks Manchester 4-piece The Backhanders have generated a real buzz around the city, selling out gigs that end in stage invasions and picking up radio play without officially releasing a song.

The Backhanders 1

The band are now fresh out of the famous Blueprint Studios with 2 new tracks in the form a double A-side vinyl CD.

Lead track Campfire is inspired by and dedicated to the late, great Joe Strummer, born out of a photo book the band received from Joe’s wife containing random lyrics to which the boys add their own words. The raw energy of The Clash is harnessed in the power-cord guitar riff whilst the captivating vocals delivered by Stephen ‘Chaddy’ Chadwick draw on the disaffected themes that are just as relevant today. Elements of punk, blues, garage rock and Wythenshawe dub are all thrown into the mix making for a heady cocktail to inspire and challenge.

On the flip side is the rockabilly Down By The River, built around a simple but effective riff the track unfolds around the story-telling lyrical style of Chaddy that comes alive in the chorus with heart-felt frenzied vocals, the piano coda to finish the track is a stroke on genius that lifts the mood of the track beautifully.

It’s difficult to pin down The Backhanders with no one style or genre, which is just what makes them stand out. A band doing their own thing that naturally draws people in is a rare talent and something to get behind.

The limited edition release is only available from the band either at a gig or direct from

In the meantime have a listen to Memory Lane as a taster

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