Sounds of the City @ The Deaf Institute, Manchester 21/06/14

Mr P 1

With just a few days to go before the Sounds of the City gig ALBL caught up with Manchester mover and shaker Mr Peeps to chat about his biggest promotion to date and the resurgent music scene in the city.

The night is set to showcases the quality of unsigned bands currently out there with a headline from the band currently leading the charge of the Manchester music scene Puppet Rebellion with support from The Backhanders who have made great waves in a short space of time, young up and coming band No Hot Ashes and the brilliant Moscow who are heading up Stoke’s similar buzzing scene.

You’re putting on your biggest gig to date in one of the city’s most iconic venues, The Deaf Institute, what can we expect from the night?

Well all I can say is that all 4 bands are a must see and that’s a bit of a rare thing these days on lineups, Puppet Rebellion are headlining but all 3 supports; The Backhanders, Moscow and No Hot Ashes are top bands in their own right, you just know it’s going to go off bigtime. The event is being filmed by Manchester Independent film company Low Flying Geese, with a nice documentary video to follow, that’s a first for me!

There’s a host of great unsigned bands around at the moment, it must have been tough to choose the line up for the gig?

Yeah there are loads of great bands around at the moment and not just in Manchester but I feel it’s more than just about 1 or 2 bands it’s about trying to create a scene where all the bands support each other and I feel we have this with the lineup we have chosen.

There’s been a buzz around the Manchester music scene for a while now, where do you see things going?

Manchester has hit a rich vein of music again even though it’s harder to get noticed, get airplay and some sort of record deal but like I said before I don’t think it’s going to be just one band that breaks I would like to think it would be a few bands and create that collective buzz…. Manchester needs it!

What has Mr Peeps got in store for the rest of the year?

The rest of the year looks pretty busy, I’ve a few more gigs in the pipeline finishing off with a big Christmas show. I’m also working with Blackthorn Festival who have a great event going on 25 / 27th July where a lot of local bands are getting their first taste of playing a festival. The Podcasts are doing really well, with the 2nd acoustic one getting ready to come out. And not forgetting the show on Fab Radio plus I promote a lot of gigs for other people via my website…. just got to keep pushing music that needs to be heard.

Tickets are in short supply with the sold out sign sure to go up on the night so get you tickets here

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