EP Review: No One Sun – Bogota


No One Sun make a welcome return with new EP Bogota, following up the brilliant debut album All We Rely On Is Stolen released at the start of 2013.

The name for the EP came about from an interview on Canadian radio with Dr Bones, where it was mentioned that the band had quite a few fans in Bogota which led Nick (singer/guitarist) to comment “Where the hell is Bogota?” and Jamie (guitarist) to reply “South America you knob!” and so the name for the next EP was found, with a clip from said show forming the intro to the EP.

Kicking off the EP is Heads and Volleys, a term most lads will be familiar with who spent hours kicking a ball about in the park.  A more direct sound that All We Rely On…, with relentless bass and drums, loud ringing guitars and tales of carefree youth. The US rock sound that themed the first album is still in evidence here but with a heavier, less refined edge, more Foo Fighters and less Killers. Up next is Someone Help Me Out Tonight, a classic driving track that would soundtrack perfectly that bit in a movie where the guy is making a getaway late at night in the rain on winding roads. Refrained and melancholic guitar sit over the driving rhythm section, building through the track in a more subtle way than the EP opener.

No One Sun have a great knack for writing a pop song, in the true sense of the word, with Good To Meet You encapsulating this. with a rising and falling structure, great hook, catchy melody and a vocal you can sing a long to like you already now the words. I Like This continues in a similar vein with the pop song structure and melody, pounding drums keeping the energy up with lyrics of hazy Saturday nights lost. Closing the EP and changing the tempo is Colder, a track which moves away from the carefree subjects of the previous tracks and instead tackles the issues around cancer and coming to terms with what that means. The sombre guitar and heavy atmosphere paint a bleak picture while the lyrics demand you listen, the track builds beautifully from here, guitars becoming more prominent and the use of strings and additional vocals at the back end of the track lift the track to a lighter place showing accomplished and polished song writing with a  maturity in both sound and subject.

In the age of 15 minute fame and throw away pop we have No One Sun who hark back to a time when bands wrote songs about a life we can relate and performed songs in a way we want them to – live and direct!

The EP is available here – iTunes cdbaby Amazon Google Play

Track listing:
Heads and Volleys
Someone Help Me Out Tonight
Good To Meet You
I Like This

**Artwork by artist Terry Rushworth, original pencil study of dancing clergy.

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