The Bedroom Hour – Their Final Hour

And so it is said “all good things must come to an end” The Bedroom Hour may be no more but the music lives on and the memories remain.

News that The Bedroom Hour have decided to call it a day is a sad but familiar story in the world of un-signed bands. With commitments and pressures of ‘real-life’ a band can only go so far on the journey before they get their break or they don’t. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time with a hefty slice of luck along the way. If there was any justice The Bedroom Hour would have had that break but that’s how it goes. Rather than fading away they are going out on a high and leaving a trail of amazing tunes in their wake.


When a band starts out they have dreams of stadium gigs, touring the world with multi-platinum selling albums and getting paid to do what they love. In reality of course this never happens, their greatest achievement is for a complete stranger to hear the music and be moved to buy a single, attend a gig, share with friends or just to say “Do you know what that song was really good mate”. The Bedroom Hour certainly surpassed this with their music touching everybody that came into contact with it, the army of fans across social media will pay testament to this.

My first live experience of the band was on a cold, wet night in Blackburn back in late 2012 where a handful of people witnessed their northern debut, it’s fair to say I was blown away and have followed them closely since, seeing them through EP releases, a stunning debut album and amazing live performances, in particular their first Manchester appearance at the Night & Day back in the summer of 2013.

A Bedroom Hour gig epitomises what live music should be about, bringing together friends new and old in a drunken hazy simply there for their love of music. A band of the people is an often used cliché however it certainly applies here, a band who are always willing to involves their fans, will happily chat to all comers at a gig, a band that write songs we can all relate to, set to music that moves us. But above all a band that were passionate and cared about what they did.

When the dust settles and all is said and done the one thing that will define The Bedroom Hour and stand the test of time will be the music. So lets be glad for the music and raise a glass to The Bedroom Hour, it’s been a blast!

In the meantime here’s the track that got me hooked on The Bedroom Hour

The Bedroom Hour’s final EP illusions is now available from the following places:

iTunes                Google Play                Amazon

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**All photos courtesy of Trust A Fox Photography @TrustFox



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